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Olivia Joell

Ever since I can remember, I've had a love for beauty therapy. After graduating high school, I traveled to Atlanta to pursue my dream of becoming a make-up artist. Once I started my program, which included a multitude of topics, I began learning about Massage Therapy. Over time, I fell in love with the idea of enhancing a person's health and overall well being through my hands. I realized I connected much more with massage than I ever had with make-up, and decided to focus on pursuing a career in Massage Therapy.

We all tend to carry tension in our muscles; whether from exercise, day to day stress, or both. Studies show that anxiety and stress decreases immune function and makes you get sick more often. I believe massage is another form of preventative health care, helping to relieve the stress we store in our bodies. I firmly believe in the healing power of human touch. My aim is to release tension and connect with my client, freeing energy so that you leave feeling restored. I provide a massage that promotes relaxation, using methods like aromatherapy to calm the senses. With a comforting, engaged, and intuitive touch, I take pride in my ability to provide my clients with a therapeutic and rejuvenating experience.

I graduated from The Elaine Sterling Institute in 2011 with an internationally recognized certification in Esthetics and Massage, along with certifications in make-up artistry, spa therapy, facials, and waxing.

Jenny Dilar

Jenny is a Canadian trainer who has been in the fitness industry for 3 years. In her final year of high school she was certified in Personal Training, Group Fitness through CanFitPro (Canadian Fitness Professionals), and Yoga through East to West Yoga Toronto. After that, she completed the fitness route to Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario and studied Fitness and Health Promotion for two years. During her diploma program, she achieved certified in Platinum Level Group Fitness Instructing, Indoor Cycling, and Portable Equipment Training through the OFC (Ontario Fitness Council).

These are just a few of her certifications as she has been a lifeguard for 6 years and an aqua fit instructor for 3 years. As a lover of fitness, Jenny has expanded her knowledge to all sorts of fitness including battle ropes, drum fit, and nutrition and weight loss coaching.

Jenny believes in a holistic lifestyle and wants to spread health and well-being into everyone’s lives. She has worked with mobility and movement clubs, and has adapted some of their philosophies into her everyday training with clientele. Jenny is a passionate trainer who wants the best for everyone.

Cassandra Simmons

Highly energetic, driven, and courageous I truly can say I'm enjoying life! At 50, I've never felt so alive. I have a passion to live a healthy lifestyle and I inspire all I encounter to do the same. With over 25 years of Customer Care Experience, I enjoy helping people feel good and assist them with making the right choice. Mother to two girls, I recognize the importance of setting positive examples. Through my teachings I inspire my kids to be independent and confident. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, traveling, deep sea fishing, dancing, shopping, and of course working out! Staying active and keeping fit I will remain "Sizzling Hot".


Cody Sheffar

Cody is a 21 year old, Canadian born Personal Trainer. After completing High school and not knowing what he wanted to do in life, Cody discovered fitness and enrolled in a Fitness & Health Promotions program offered by Algonquin College, in Ottawa. Throughout his two years, He realized his passion for the mechanics of the body and optimizing the human form. Cody became extremely passionate about helping others achieve their goals, and educating them on how to maintain them; He remains that way. Focusing more on Strength and Conditioning in his current training, Cody also has a background in more bodybuilding and general health styles of training.

Nashanti Burchall

I have always had a passion for fitness as I was very active as a kid. I started working in the gym two years ago. After a health issue revealed the truth and importance of total wellness, I began making small changes to my diet and lifestyle. Today I exercise on a consistent basis and being healthy has become my normal life. Coming from a place of first hand experiences, the passion stands out. I am always ready at the front desk to assist members and potential members at reaching their fitness goals.


​​​Each time you walk through our doors, you’ll be pleased to discover our entire staff is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals with courteous enthusiasm.

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Kevina Davis

Personal Trainer, Kevina-Lorae may come across as your everyday fitness enthusiast.  However, she is no stranger to the art of transformation. Five years ago, Kevina was 80 pounds heavier than her current weight, eager for a change. Through consistency and dedication, she managed to transform her body and compete in her first fitness competition in 2014. Driven by her own success, and the yearning desire to help others, Kevina became a personal trainer with a particular interest in working smart and eating in a way that is healthy and sustainable. April 2016 marked another milestone for Kevina as she became Turbo Kick Live certified and now offers a full body kickboxing cardio class that it both fun as well as intense. Additionally, she is studying for her Precision Nutrition certification. Let Kevina assist you in creating a lifestyle that is that is easy to maintain, but also goal driven.


Whether you’re someone who hits the weights or enjoys walking on the treadmill, you’ll find we have a variety of state-of-the-art equipment to meet your fitness needs.

Kym Herron Scott

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